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             on-board the largest on-line chess dictionary in the world.   Design your own personal chess set and create any sized chess board.  Experiment with new pieces and different/unusual sized boards.   Now you can also PRINT a hardcopy of dozens of chess games for free - the only web page in the world where you can do so - amazing!   Includes a new operating system [:OS], global notation and a new extensive syntax for describing the moves on any sized chess board you care to think of or dream-up.   You can print a hardcopy of any orthodox chess set and board currently played on any of the five continents in a few minutes - 6x6+ to 10x10+ and everything in between or make your own from 12x12+ to 400x400+.  Please see print FREE chess sets and start experimenting?  Any one of the four dozen examples provided may be edited in Microsoft Word.  A new blank/ghost chess set is also a handy addition to the lexicon.   All you have to do is add your own piece names with a felt-tipped pen - couldn’t be simpler - just print-n-play immediately.  

Total freedom at last to finally create your own board of any size with a matching set of MPs/mps that YOU personally choose - the best thing since sliced bread - slice it any way you like - fantastic!  Level-1: you can use the regular set of KI QU RO BS KT and PA to play your 1st game of western orthodox chess or begin with the super deluxe Level-2, 3 and 4 using GUs and/or PAs.   A new genuine handicap system is also available ie, PAs versus GUs.  You may also create your very own personal level of play by using your own palette of pieces - if you are the inventive type all you will need is a good imagination.  Another option is to add blockers to the chessboard itself and/or new MPs/mps.   Piece names [monogram identifiers] may be entered in English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic, Greek etc as required.   A graphic may also be input onto each triangle as an aid in identifying each piece [for beginners only].  Piece names may also be entered on each side of the triangles in two different languages - useful when the players don’t understand each others language!  If you can’t find it here it probably doesn’t exist.  As usual - you know the story - the best is free - why pay more?


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Microsoft Word:  just click on item below to PRINT or EDIT?   Cut with a sharp scissors & glue - that’s it!


8x8 regular board     8x8 regular chess set for Level-1     8x8 chess set of GUs for Level-2-3 and 4    

b-l-a-n-k ghost chess set     b-l-a-n-k score sheet     score sheet example game    

8x8 rank 1 and 8 XP cells     8x8 rank 2 and 7 XP cells     

8x8 board + two white blockers     8x8 + four white blockers


OVERVIEW MAIN ARTICLES ISP FMO AOM NOTATION cell annotate SYNTAX advice plan analysis alpha beta GM sample-game immortal game pieces MP/mp tree values clock print-score-sheet computer hal-9000 symbolism history-1 2 3 4 history notes-1 2 3 4 opening florescence 2000+openings-AZ middlegame endgame hand handicap material monogram taxonomy  monogram-AZ +CC  +CH  +DC  +DO  +DRCC  +FC  +PE  +SCH alekhine lasker philidor staunton angel art ability talent caduceus grail light imagination bird eagle owl athena memory mind brain knowledge IQ magi oracle sign  magic libraries shakespeare sacrifice gold check +DO capture draw advantage checkmate resign loss stalemate skewer pin fork threat initiative move combination rank file diagonal  block spiral circle center square triangle promotion mobility tactics patterns ritual inspiration love mystic parable mystery seeing muse vision truth intuition automaton child living-chess riddle puzzle change labyrinth drama maze sacred-geometry dance wisdom wit allegory invention mythical-inventors hero heroine mythology game isle-of-lewis games simul quotations quotes chatrang chaturanga shatranj senet draughts fairy-chess KM VC chinese CN KN AD MR GE FS cambodian burmese korean thai ethopian india mongolian tori 7x7 shogi 9x9 wa-shogi 11x11 chu-shogi 12x12 king queen rook bishop elephant knight horse knights-tour pawn decoy en-passant Spanish: rey reina torre alfil caballo peón links AZ best links encyclopedia-AZ variants-AZ You-Tube video: western western strategy western opening’s  checkers/draughts chinese shogi thai   ++AD  ++BC  ++BK  ++BYL  ++CM  ++CMA  ++CME  ++CMK  ++CR  ++DR-50  ++EPU  FCM  ++FM  ++ICM  ++LS  ++MC  ++MS  ++MV  ++OD  ++PDR  ++PM  ++RS    ++SCM  ++ST  ++TR  ++WN    astrology i-ching kaballah tarot alachemy numerology delphi  


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Print-n-play levels 1, 2 and 3 - Western 8x8 array:   just print, cut with sharp scissors, bend into a triangular shape and glue.   Use small coins/pennies as weights - simple!  Note: chess sets & boards may be edited in Microsoft Word - create your own set of chess pieces and design your own board!    Email your finished artwork to Chesmayne@gmail.com for inclusion in this dictionary?    Place your completed chess board under a glass coffee table or into a plastic pocket/pouch - available at good stationers?  Just use A4 white paper or card.   A4 photo paper gives a very nice glossy finish to your chess sets and boards!   Use a black felt marker to write the names of the MPs/mps with the blank/ghost chess set.    The main idea is to experiment and have some fun while making your very own chess set and board.    Sit back with a glass of wine [red or white], maybe a Martini with a splash of lemonade or a beer or even iced-tea [cheese and crackers are optional] and just begin.   Good luck!   Each keyword or section in this lexicon is readily accessible and just a mouse-click away. 

   For the first time on the web:

You can now print-n-play Western, Chinese, Korean, Shatranj, Cambodian, Thai, Mongolian, Ethopian, Checkers/Draughts, Burmese, Shogi 9x9, Tori 7x7, Wa-shogi 11x11, Chu-shogi 12x12 and many others in about twenty minutes.    Just print chess sets and boards, cut with a sharp scissors, bend MPs/mps into a triangular shape and fix into position using a gluestick.    The cost to make the ten chess sets listed here is a few cents each and with matching boards about double that.   Do something really useful and practical with your printer?    Make complete sets for yourself and a few friends or members of your chess club!    Now you can try differing chess games from different countries without the expense of buying them all - a winning scenario - save a lot of dosh in the process!    You will now have your own compendium of boards and pieces to experiment with.   It really is as simple as that!   All boards and pieces from around the world are freely available - you can even produce/create your own with a little experience.    Over three dozen chess sets & boards have been provided to get you started.  In the main dictionary/lexicon thousands of chess terms are explained with links to everything of importance on the world wide web.  

                          U know U know - U know - do U know?   Believe it or not - it comes down to this    best MEMORY wins versus best INTELLECT wins.  Its YOUR choice!

Are you fed-up playing traditional chess like a robot with brain-dead geeks?   These days the competition has got so hot that if you have not got your GM title by your early teens - forget it.   Some of these kids start playing at 2, 3 and 4 years of age leaving late starters [6 to 11 years of age] at a considerable disadvantage.     The best trained memories have an unseen advantage [best memory wins].  It’s like playing with a handicap that is not visibly apparent at the start of a game.  The player who can memorize and recall board positions has a decided advantage even before a single move is made on the board!    Even Judge Judy would raise an eyebrow!  Subtle but not very obvious - and you are left wondering why you find yourself constantly losing to other chess players?  Random Chess has tried to address and solve this anomaly by changing the Initial Starting Position [ISP] of the KI, QU, ROs, BSs and KTs [but not the PAs].    Some have found this helpful.    With the ISP randomized it is not possible to memorize openings, gambits and defenses.   You have to think on your feet.    There are 960 ISPs available using just an orthodox chess set.    Please see the section on blockers which gives examples of how to change the board itself - new and quite exciting!    An orthodox chess set is used but the squares [cells] on the board of various types are blocked-off during play in order to alter the parameters of the ISP. 


Once you cop-on and get to figure this one out you realize that you are actually being defrauded/cheated - a silent con job that is never spoken or even mentioned by arbiters and the rule makers.  Even they might not be aware of this problem and if they are will usually keep silent.  The game is actually skewed - wake up!   Prove this fact to yourself: ask your opponent to play a game of chess using Level-2 or 3 of traditional western chess [see above] and you will find that you now have an even playing field once again - a proper sporting chance of winning - best intellect wins.  You will find that their Level-1 rating does not transfer to Level-2 and 3.   Why?   Because their memory of Level-1 board positions is not as useful or useless at other levels of play.   Do you see?   Of course you do!   I just hope that this does not cause a riot in the chess world.  More than likely I think that a civil war is the only endgame solution here: memory versus intellect.  Just choose your side in this battle.   The last time a collapse of a chess system occurred - a rare event indeed - was with Shatranj.   This took a few hundred years to play itself out and ended around the 1500s in Europe  and took many more decades before it solidified into its present fixed form - now identified as traditional western chess or orthodox chess - the international chess - that is played on an 8 x 8 chequered board.   You will notice that today 99.9% of people do not play or even remember the name of the former game that was played from the 7th to the 15th centuries.   By the way, the other 0.1%, are aficionados who do remember - like me and you!  The battle has faded into history and is now forgotten and buried or, so it seems.   However, the skeletons are once again beginning to rattle - their graves are being reopened and the bodies are being exhumed.   One of the few things that we have in common with our ancient ancestors is chess.   From the dawn of civilization most cultures have played chess in one form or another.  The mummies of the Pharaohs of Egypt who played Senet around the pyramids some 3,200 years ago have joined those who played chatrang and chaturanga  in this never-ending battle - the chess equivalent of the night of the living dead.   Go-to  overview. 


Sample game: The Immortal Game.   Play the moves below?    See Syntax for explanation of comments and symbols used in this game?












:bl-PA ]blocked]



..PA4 [attacked]



PA6 [captured]















..PA5 [attacked]



..PA5 [attacked]





















..QU1 [attacked]



:pn-KT2 pin



..KT1 [attacked]



BS2 [captured]









..QU1 :cr


















PA4 ..QU1..KT2















PA2 ..RO1..PA3






RO1+CH ..PA1






RO2 [captured]















+CH ..PA3






++CM ..KT1



++LS loss

                   new and old  

What you need to realize is that your intelligence is actually as good, if not better than your opponents - you just are not aware of this - and those in the know will not inform you - why should they?  It is not in their interests to do so.   Do you find the wood-shifting boring, stale and repetitive?     You know there is something wrong - at an intuitive level - something not quite right.   You just cannot put your finger on it exactly.   A lot of people just give up playing chess because of the boredom factor and the belief [false] that they will not make the grade or are somehow intellectually inferior than others.   Look, let’s get real - stop kidding yourself - stop burying your head in the sand - you know in your heart-of-hearts that playing just one particular level of chess is over - it’s time to get a divorce - it is time to move on.  

The general view in the chess world is: why rock the boat - we are happy - we are winning - we have the best trained memories - on average it takes ten years to become a GM - so, as long as they do not find out about this we will keep winning and keep our titles and prestige.  We have no intention of changing the game in any way whatsoever - it has been around for fifty decades in its present fixed  format and it is our mission to keep it that way - locked and fixed for at least another fifty.  We really have no interest in educating young people or, come to think of it - anybody else for that matter.    After all we do not want to lose our central control, grip and power over the game - why should we - we own it in its present format!   The bottom line is that if the ISP is changed we lose our jobs [unemployment] and control of the wood-pushers who play our accepted version of the game.  By having central control we make and tinker with the rules, change them as we see fit, present awards, medals and badges, act as a censor and receive a nice salary for keeping it that way - can you blame us - if you were in a similar position you might do the same.   You now see the reason why we cannot and will not change - to do so would end in our demise - we would go the same route as Shatranj did in the past - forgotten - never again played - a footnote in the history books.   From our point of view no alteration in the ISP will be allowed or possible - now or at any point in the future.   No further progress in orthodox chess is the rule - we just do not tell you about this secret hidden agenda - and never mention it publicly - a taboo area.  Defectors are marginalized.   So, future generations will play our accepted version from cradle to grave.   Our angle is that GMs will come and go but we will remain the power behind the throne.  We rub talcum powder into our hands so that they feel like velvet and when we greet people are treated like royalty.   We always wear a shirt-n-tie and look business-like and never let the mask slip.  

The above scenario applies not just to the everyday chess you are used to, but to other levels of play as well - east or west.  If other levels of play [ISPs] were common then all the books currently published would become obsolete overnight [this is what happens when you have only one level of play and a house built on sand].    When a well known chess player was asked what he thought about changing the ISP of traditional western chess he said his view could not be expressed in parliamentary language - and that just about sums up the current view on this subject.   In an ideal world  a true GM would be able to play a few different levels of chess ie, Western, Chinese, Shogi 7 x 7, 9 x 9 etc - and be able to win consistently to retain the GM title - a global chess player - a real world champion.   Having two QUs on the board at the same time will not be viewed as promoting bigamy - using a new triangular chess set will not be seen as ignoring tradition - multiple levels of play will be the norm - babies from 18 months to 4 years old will take to it like ducks to water - 5 to 11 year old kids will automatically become more creative in their chess playing and everyone might just be that little bit happier.  A local chess club will create their own level of play - if you can beat them on their own board you really [really] will be seen as a winner.   Looking back you will then be able to say what the wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing said to Little Red Riding Hood - I feel absolutely awful about granny. 


Traditional chess viewed as a sailing vessel is now beginning to show her age.   She is starting to creak at the seams and her motto of being unsinkable is now seriously coming into question.   Traditional chess has been hauled out many times and patched-up as best as could be over the last couple of centuries.    As was the case with the Titanic she is now heading for the final voyage with a full complement of passengers - and YOU may be one of them.   The SOS signal has been sent and other ships are standing nearby to evacuate all on board.  Life rafts are plentiful and available for all who choose so that nobody will be lost with the vessel.  The new generation of passengers has the option of abandoning ship before the fated end.  Some have already jumped ship and are now safe in the comfort zone.    As she heads silently on her steady course in the black of night a looming unseen apocalyptic disaster lies in wait. 


     The fact of the matter with chess is that the game belongs to nobody and everybody at the same time.   The patent and copyright is in the public domain and belongs to every nation, tribe and creed.   And so the cycle goes on - a slow downward spiral to its eventual doom - a particular historical scenario not just known to the game of chess but in other areas of life as well.  Its symptoms are well documented: people who will not let go of power even when they know the writing is on the wall or, at least on your computer screen - they being the major beneficiaries in one form or another.  It is commonly known as a sinecure, monopoly or a vested interest in a particular obsolete system which is handed down to the next generation - the next generation being their friends, group, party, elect, close family members or successors to a particular throne. 

Everything keeps turning into something else.   This is the trick of the universe in order to renew itself and stay the same.   This is a recurring theme in symbolism, not only in the form of magical transformations, but also in all the different symbols which contrast the ephemeral with the enduring.  Change to us is fear.  Various pressures are directed against anyone who tries to push against familiar limits.    Because they are pushing, new boundaries open.     Butterfly: symbol of change/transformation - it follows the wind yet arrives at the flower - its flight is spontaneous and free and does not wear itself out fighting the forces of nature.   Edmund Burke: “A state without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation”.   Change is the law of life and those who only look to the past or present are certain to miss the future” - J.F. Kennedy.   Growth may mean change and change can be painful”.   Many have become GMs - no one has become the master of Chess”.  Cauldron: symbol of change, renewal, initiation, transformations - full of boiling and bubbling substances.  The quickest way to change the world is to be of service to others.  Show that your love can make a difference in the lives of people and thereby someone else’s love can make a difference in your life.  By each of us doing that and working together we change the world one inner person at a time”.  Dannion Brinkley - NDE experiencer.  

After 500 years traditional chess is gone by its sell-by date and is just about played-out now.  Why not try, test and discover the power of Chesmayne for yourself? Easily identify any chess piece on any chess board at a glance - no more Chinese and Japanese hieroglyphics to deal with.  A plainly readable English format makes the process simple and easy for you.  A whole new world is now within reach.   Stop playing just western chess exclusively and wean yourself away from a single level of play [best memory wins] that we all know is gone over the hill and found dead in the water.   Now multiple levels of play are easily available [best intellect wins] and no major surgical operation or ice-pick lobotomy is required!   We have re-engineered the complete game for you with two completely new notations and syntax to describe the moves on the board as they are being played.   All the gang and the most commonly used chess pieces - KI QU RO BS KT PA GU CN KN AD MR GE KM VC etc - are now triangles with an identifying monogram and number [the common denominator] and useable on any board - east and west!   Just print, play, experiment and enjoy.   With a little experience you can design and create your very own chess board and pieces on a few sheets of A4 paper that will cost you a few pennies.  Your feedback is appreciated - thanx.  The samples in this text are just given as examples to get you started.  You may also find the Zillions gaming system [a must-have software program for the experimenter] useful for testing any new chess game that you will create in actual play and as a bonus - a free demo is available here: download zillions.


     Below: traditional chess ISP.   Level-1 of Chesmayne.    Pieces are numbered left-to-right for each player.    Now new pieces can be easily added in this format.





















































































            Below left: Level-1 using Pawns.      Below right: Level-2 using Guards.     Pieces are shown as discs.    Printed version uses triangles for practicality. 


                                                                                 The above graphics were created using the Zillions program

When you are standing at the base of a volcano and the ground is shakin you know what is gonna happen - something is about to blow - get on the train before it leaves the station.   If the molten lava does not get you the avalanche of melting snow, ice, a forest of trees that break like matchsticks and boulders the size of cars  will cause a mudslide with the consistency of wet cement moving in your direction at around two-hundred miles per hour.   If it hits, you will be buried alive - proper interment will not be possible as you will be one-hundred feet under setting cement - your body preserved for thousands of years in a sea of mud.  And if that is not enough the brakes on the locomotive have failed - now you are also a passenger on a roller coaster as well.    It’s time to take serious action - jumping off is not an option - your only hope is if the train can outrun the wave of mud moving downhill in your direction at an accelerating pace. 


Your first choice: stick to tradition: continue playing western chess and nothing else - stay as you are - just go back to sleep?  Train your memory and win more.  Generally the advantage goes to the player who has played the game the longest number of years.  Rating drops if you do not continue practicing.   Titles very important - rating is critical.   Winning is everything.   Competitive - winners peak like comets and then disappear into obscurity and are forgotten.  There is always somebody higher up the ladder than yourself.    Chess viewed as a way to gain prestige, titles, acclaim, renown, fame, the hand of the fairest damsel/knight and money from defeating opponents.   You are only as good as your last win - losers become obsolete, their names are difficult to remember and fade from the chess scene.  GM title the ultimate accolade - mentions in textbooks and encyclopedias.  Lots of snaps taken - much hand-shaking and meetings with important people for reasons unknown to both parties - just because. 


Your best choice: progress, evolve, play global chess: experiment with differing levels of chess ie, Level-1, 2 & 3 and Chinese, Japanese, Burmese, Thai, Cambodian etc.    Better intellect will usually win.   You will become a more mature player.   Less parochial view of chess.  Titles unimportant - rating not viewed as critical.   Chess viewed as an organon, an educational tool - even spiritual.   Become clever, creative and artistic: make your own game with your own set of rules and award yourself a title ie, Knight Magnifico [KM].   Appreciation of past masters: Weubens etc.   Less competitive - a lot less!    Mastery of the game within reach - GM title awarded by default - a natural process - in time.   The beginning or ending is not critical - the journey is more important - the quest - the goal.    History and origin of chess not an issue any more - complete understanding of the people, arbiters and organizations who play the game and the inner workings of chess become known to you - penetrating insight!    Jump in IQ, EQ and SQ the norm.    I do hope that nobody will take offence by the case presented here in this text.   However, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize in advance for being alive if you do. 




Finally, I think the Chess industry does not want us to know about other games.   If, for example, Shogi becomes extremely popular in the US, I think most of the people playing it will be people who were already interested in chess.   Which means the people who make chess sets, publish chess books, and play professionally will be losing out.   It is already tough enough to make a living in chess as it is.   When people talk of changing the rules so that knowing book openings is not useful anymore, this is a threat to the livelihood of people who are successful in chess because they have devoted years of their lives to learning these same book openings [memorization - best memory wins].  And I do not think it is a good assumption that world class chess players will necessarily be world class Shogi players (altho I would guess some of them would be).   The analogy that comes to mind is Michael Jordan: he is the world’s greatest basketball player but he could not make it in minor league baseball.”









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